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GPX Editor, as its name implies, is a free open source GPX editor that you can use to view GPX files. It is a portable GPX file viewer that you can use on the go. You can also view NMEA, KML, NGT, and LOG files in it. It provides all tools sufficient to view and analyze GPS data contained in GPX files. Draw online altitude profiles of your gps/gpx files and save them as images. Analyze the slope of your tracks online.

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  2. Google Gpx Viewer
  3. Gpx File Viewer
  4. Gpx Viewer Windows 7


Displays a GPX track as segmented polylines, the way points and the elevation profile. Open street map (OSM) is used as background.
The view can be changed to full screen mode. Moving the cursor over the elevation profile the corresponding point is marked on the path interactively.

  1. The GPX Track & Elevation module allows you to show a map and an elevation profile from GPX files using the google maps and visualization api. The module takes into account only the trk and wpt tags (Tracks and Waypoints) and ignores the rte tags (Routes). The elevations will be parsed from the ele tag of the gpx file, so this module is useless if your gpx files does not include the optional.
  2. View gpx, kml, kmz, loc files, but get a lot more features. See why we are one of the best rated offline vector maps app. GPX Viewer PRO is the ultimate GPS locator, GPS tracks viewer, analyzer.

GPX tracks uploaded to the server in advance are stored into separate repositories that are ordered according to the categories setup in wordpress.
Thus different collections of tracks can be handled and the tracks choosen from.

During upload a GPX track can be smoothed and/or its elevation data replaced by MapQuest Service data.
The latter is provided because many elevation data tracked by mobiles are not quite correct.

GPX trackpoints can be edited on the map interactively.


  • Admin page GPX Files for uploading tracks
    – Selecting category for repository
    – Replacing the description of the track (tag <name> in the GPX file)
    – Smoothing tracks during upload, thus reducing track points
    – Replacing elevation data of track points using MapQuest Service during upload (key necessary)
  • Editing trackpoints on the map
    – Adding, moving, deleting track points
    – creating, splitting polylines
  • Display of a specific, uploaded GPX track
    – PHP-function for inserting the view into a page
    – Selecting full screen mode and scaling the map
  • Display of a list of GPX files from which a track can be selected
    – separated list for each category
    – Setting width and color of the path
    – Shortcode for inserting the list into a page
  • Elevation profile
    – Interactive path marker
    – Name of the track
    – Distance of the track
    – Maximum/minimum elevation
    – Elevation loss/gain
    – Trail duration


Installation and Settings:

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/<my-plugin-name> directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Settings->GPX Viewer screen to configure the plugin at least one time (MapQuest Key, Measure Units, …)

Uploading GPX files:

  • Goto GPX Files in the admin menu
  • Choose category for repository: Uploaded file will be stored in directory ~/wp-content/uploads/gpx/<mycategory>/.
  • Choose GPX file to upload
  • Optionally replace description of track (tag <name> in the GPX file)
  • Optionally smooth track during upload, i.e. reducing track points and smoothing elevation data
  • Optionally replace elevation data using MapQuest Service

Basic usage:

  • Calling the viewer for a specific GPX track:

  • Shortcode to include the list of the GPX files for a given category into a WordPress-page. From this list a track can be selected and displayed.

  • Shortcode to open a gpx track locally for editing. The result can be stored again locally.


Perhaps interesting plugins.Unfortunetely, just one map type. I would like to use it with open Topo Map for trekking.Possible to Improve it ?Thanks a lot.

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